Frequently asked questions

Which sensor can I use with Nukkuaa and how do I get one?

Nukkuaa is compatible with the Polar H10 chest strap and the Polar Verity Sense armband. Both sensors can be purchased via the app at a reduced price (-10 percent). At Nukkuaa, we ask you directly after you have registered and also afterwards at regular intervals if you are interested in a sensor at the friendship price. You can also order a sensor any time by clicking on "sensors" in the app settings. If you already have a compatible Polar sensor, you can of course use it and do not need to buy a new one. In the near future you will be able to synchronise data from your Apple health App or Google Fit App.

How do I connect my sensor to Nukkuaa?

After tapping "Go to sleep" in the app, you can simply follow the instructions. Another option is to tap on "Connect sensors" in the app settings and then follow the instructions. Before each use, please make sure that the sensors are against your body (H10) or switchen on (Verity Sense) and that Bluetooth and location services of your smartphone are activated. If the smartphone sends a pairing request, please approve it. Once the connection is established, you can switch to flight mode if you want to. Make sure to re-establish all connections (i.e. flight mode off, Bluetooth and WLAN on) before reading out the data in the morning.

How do I put on my sensor correctly?

The H10 sensor should wrap around the chest just below the breast. It should fit snugly and the part of the sensor that contains the battery is ideally placed in the centre front so that it does not pinch. Polar Verity Sense: You can wear the Polar Verity Sense wristband on your upper arm, with the sensor resting on your inner arm. On the Polar homepage, you can find detailed instructions for your Polar H10 chest strap ( or your Polar Verity Sense band ( polar-verity-sense-user-manual-english/wearing-your-verity-sense.htm)

What can I do if my sensor cannot be paired?

In individual cases, problems may occur when pairing the sensor at the beginning of using NUKKUAA. Please make sure that: - the sensors have skin contact (H10) or are switched on (Verity Sense) - location services or location are activated on your smartphone - Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone - do not connect your belt in the settings, but only in Nukkuaa - disable any other connected Bluetooth devices. - If your smartphone sends a pairing request, please approve it. - Unpair the sensor in the Nukkuaa settings and delete the sensor connection from the Bluetooth settings of your smartphone. Then try pairing again exclusively via the Nukkuaa app If this does not solve the problem, please try: - H10: remove the battery from your Polar belt and then reinsert it, or insert a new battery. If this does not solve the problem, reset the H10 sensor. To do this, remove the battery and press the metal buttons on the strap with your fingers for 10 seconds. Then wait 30 seconds, put the battery back in and try pairing the sensor again. - Update the firmware of your Polar sensor (

What do I have to pay attention to so that the data from last night can be read out?

When reading out the data, it is important that you are still wearing the sensor (because the H10 switches off as soon as it loses contact with the skin) or make sure the sensor is still turned on (Verity Sense). If you have been using the flight mode during the night, please wait a few seconds until your device again has a stable internet and Bluetooth connection. Only then, click on "Wake up". If the readout still does not work close all apps running in the background, disconnect other devices connected via Bluetooth or restart the app - without discarding last night's data.

Why is the “get up” button greyed out?

This can happen when there is no stable internet connection. Make sure your smartphone has a good internet connection, for example, check for good reception, and then try again.

Where can I see the battery status of my sensor?

If you click on "Go to sleep" in the app, have successfully connected the Polar sensor and start sleep recording, you will see the battery level of your sensor on the screen (in the evening and in the morning). You will be reminded when the battery status of your sensor drops below 20%.

Do I have to turn the sensor on or off to save battery power?

Polar H10: No, the Polar sensor turns on automatically when there is contact with the skin and turns off again when contact is lost. Polar Verity Sense: Yes, the sensor does not switch on/off automatically. If you want to switch the sensor on, briefly click on the button on the sensor (lights on). If you want to switch your sensor off, press and hold the button on the sensor (light off).

How can I zoom in the app?

In the general settings of your smartphone, you can activate the zoom or "magnifying movement" under "Operating aids" or "Input aids".

What are levels?

The programme for improving your sleep is individually adapted to your needs and divided into so-called levels. You need to complete a certain number of tasks per level so that you fulfil the conditions for advancing to a new level.

How much does Nukkuaa cost?

The Nukkuaa "Flexible" subscription costs 14.99 euros per month and can be cancelled monthly. If you choose the 1 year Nukkuaa "Best Value" subscription, it is only 149,99 euros per year! We recommend using Nukkuaa in combination with a Polar Biodata Sensor to get accurate sleep analysis in addition to sleep training. If you purchase the Polar sensor directly through Nukkuaa, you will receive a 10% discount (deducted at the checkout) and can purchase your Polar sensor at a friendship price: Polar H10 for 76,42€ (instead of 89,90€) und Polar Verity Sense for 84,92€ (instead of 99,90€). By the way, you can also use this gold standard of heart rate measurement and motion tracking for sports activities. ! Important Note ! A trial version must be terminated via the Google Play Store or Apple App Store at least 24 hours before the trial version expires - in this case no subscription is charged. The entire payment process for an APP purchase runs via your smartphone provider (Apple device: AppStore or Android device: Google Play-Store), i.e. you have become a contractual partner of Apple or Google with the conclusion of the subscription. Therefore, the cancellation must also be made via your Apple or Google account, e.g. via smartphone (Settings>Subscriptions). Unfortunately, cancelling or deleting the account within the Nukkuaa app alone is not sufficient here.)