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Healthy sleep for more resilience in companies

Higher productivity, less sick leave: What it means when employees sleep better and how Nukkuaa can help with workplace health promotion.

Good rest as the basis for performance at work

Stress factors for employees have increased: This makes it all the more important to start the day well-rested. During sleep,the body regenerates, the immune system is boosted, and the brain recovers. Nukkuaa improves sleep through sleep analysis and sleep training and sleep training - with a scientific approach.

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How good sleep affects businesses

Improving sleep has many positive effects as studies show.



There is significantly less downtime at the workplace and sick leave is reduced by five days per year.


Work productivity

People who have slept well can perform better. Productivity increases. At the same time, excessive daytime sleepiness decreases by more than 35 percent.


Occupational accidents

People who are well rested can also concentrate better: This results in fewer accidents at work.

More resilience and less irritability

After a good night's sleep, you become more resilient. Solving problems is easier and emotional irritability decreases.

Improving social contact

Social interactions improve, one is more attentive. An the workplace, the focus is on togetherness.

Personal well-being and quality of life

The cardiovascular system recovers, the immune system kicks in: People who sleep well feel better and healthier.

The offer for employees

High-precision sleep analysis

This has never been achieved before: Nukkuaa’s scientists have developed an algorithm that can analyze sleep only by analyzing your heartbeat. Results are almost as precise as in a clinical sleep lab. It's simple:

  • In the evening, put on Polar H10 chest sensor, pair it with the app and click "Go to sleep".
  • In the morning, click on "Wake up" and check the overview of all relevant sleep data. Under "Statistics" you will find the sleep analyses of the past seven days.
  • Report how you feel about your sleep in a sleep diary.
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Personal sleep training

In the sleep training, information, tips and exercises help you to improve your sleep across several levels. The training is based on the latest scientific findings. Even small changes in behavior can make a great impact. This is what you can expect:

  • Short videos with helpful knowledge about healthy sleep
  • Audio relaxation exercises for inner balance
  • A chat bot helping you to optimize your sleep behavior
  • Sleeptips
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The use of Nukkuaa in my company


Access for employees enable

Use the download link to offer a place in the Sleep lab for home: Sleep analysis and sleep training are tailored to the individual needs.

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Help with the introduction and ongoing support

Introduction, launch, ongoing support: Nukkuaa provides support during the entire Process also taking into account existing resources.

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Evaluation, analysis and further development

Nukkuaa is a transparent tool: After consultation we provide anonymized statistics on the usage and the achieved goals.

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Our offer for your company

Nukkuaa for Teams

5 - 20 people

For teams and smaller organizations: Get in touch and start the Nukkuaa journey with your team quickly and easily.

  • Annual app subscription (€ 219,- per User:in)
  • Polar Sensor as an integral part of the virtual home sleep lab (€ 80.90 per strap)
  • Virtual sleep coaching to increase effectiveness (optional)

from € 219,-

when purchasing an annual license

Nukkuaa for organizations

21+ people

Develop your organization's resilience by improving your employees' sleep and well-being with Nukkuaa.

  • Annual app subscription (€ 219,- per User)
  • Polar Sensor as an integral part of the virtual home sleep lab (€ 80.90 per Sensor)
  • Virtual sleep coaching to increase effectiveness (optional)
  • Personal demo version for testing
  • Adapted launch strategy including marketing resources, engagement and account support
  • Analysis & further development to achieve long-term prevention goals

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