From science, for the people: The team to solve sleep problems

About a quarter of people in Western countries suffers from poor to very poor sleep quality - with many negative consequences. To change this, a team of researchers led by Prof. Manuel Schabus have developed a virtual sleep lab for home that also offers sleep training.

Founders & Core Team

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Univ.-Prof. Dr. Manuel Schabus


Head of the Sleep, Cognition and Consciousness Research Laboratory at the Centre for Cognitive Neuroscience Salzburg & psychotherapist​ & psychologist

Responsibility in Management Team: Scientific master plan | translating scientific findings into applied practice | AI concept for classification of sleep staged & AI based, individualized sleep training

Manuel schabus
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Dr. Thomas Winkler


15 years of experience in leading and managing international expert teams; Managing Director of international consulting company; extensive organizational development experience; educational & research background in Cognitive Neuroscience​

Responsibility in Management Team:
Link between business & science | Business Model Planning | Customer Oriented Product Development | Online Performance Marketing | Relation to investors

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Dr. Christine Blume

Senior Scientist with focus on sleep and chronobiology (University of Basel & UPK Basel, CH)

Christine is a sleep researcher at the University of Basel and a psychologist in the sleep outpatient clinic of the University Psychiatric Clinics Basel. Already during her PhD, which she obtained at the University of Salzburg in 2016, she discovered the fascination of human sleep for herself. In her current research projects, she is particularly interested in the importance of natural daylight and artificial light for sleep. She is also an active and well-known science communicator on sleep-related topics (e.g. Deutschlandfunk Nova, ORF, SRF).

Christine blume
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Theresa Hauser MSc

Psychologist & Psychotherapist ​in training​

Core-Responsibility as a research associate: Development of content for individualized sleep training based on evidence-based therapeutic approaches and translation into the digital world.

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