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Welcome to the sleep laboratory for your home!

With the help of science, you can now get to the bottom of sleep problems and quickly improve your sleep. For the first time, a smartphone App combines effective sleep therapy with highly accurate sleep analysis using sensors. You can try it for free!
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Your sleep coaches

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Prof. Manuel Schabus

Head of the sleep labs at the University of Salzburg

As virtual sleep coaches, we guide you through the app and accompany you on your way to healthy sleep. According to your needs and the information you gave us, you will receive a customized training program for better sleep. With just ten minutes of sleep training per day, you will be able to achieve a lasting improvement of your sleep quality.

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Dr. Christine Blume

Sleep researcher and sleep therapist, University of Basel & UPK Basel

In normal sleep laboratories, sleep is usually only assessed during a single night. However, patients often wish to know how their sleep improves in the course of the therapy. Therefore, it is helpful to monitor progress regularly with an objective sleep analysis. At Nukkuaa, this is achieved with data collected by sensors during the night. In the morning, an innovative algorithm evaluates the data and you receive you your personal sleep profile.

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How it works

Sleep training, info and exercises

How can I quickly improve my sleep? Even small changes, tailored to your own problems and goals, can make a difference. In the chat, the sleep coaches provide you with valuable tips during the sleep training. To best prepare your body and mind for sleep, relax with audio exercises. Finally, check out blogs and videos to brush up on your sleep knowledge, because knowledge can also affect sleep.

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Sleep coaching for your needs

How can I get professional coaching for sleep problems? The sleep coaches Manuel and Christine virtually guide you and, depending on how you sleep and what the collected data reveal, provide you with advice. The pace on your way to healthy sleep is determined by you. Nukkuaa is your companion on the way to healthy sleep and responds to your personal needs.

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High-precision sleep analysis

To get to the bottom of sleep problems, you need to take a close look at your sleep. Note in a diary how you slept. If you wear a sensor during the night, an algorithm allows for a scientific sleep analysis – almost as in a real sleep laboratory. Nukkuaa provides you with your results as well as feedback on them.

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Why good sleep is so important

In Austria, Germany and Switzerland, 25,000,000 people suffer from poor to very poor sleep quality - and the causes are steadily increasing.

Immune system

Sleep is often the best medicine! It supports the immune system and helps you to stay healthy.

Cardio-vascular system

Good sleep can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.


Healthy sleep decreases the risk of obesity and diabetes and facilitates a balanced diet.

Cognitive performance

People who sleep well at night feel more alert and efficient during the day.

Mental health

Improving sleep has a positive effect on mental health.

Quality of social interaction

Those who feel rested have more energy for hobbies and to meet friends.

Every person can learn to sleep well.

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Sleep tips from the pros

Find sleep tips as well as news and trends on the topic of sleep in your inbox.

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Download Nukkuaa

Get the Nukkuaa app and start your journey to healthy and better sleep with the power of science.

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