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Do you wish to precisely analyze your sleep as often as you want, improve it with sleep training, and wake up refreshed in the morning? Then: welcome to the virtual sleep lab for your home. Nukkuaa - developed by professionals in sleep research - offers exactly this.

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Quick check: How do you sleep?

Question 1/7

In the last month, have you had trouble falling asleep?

Question 2/7

In the last month, have you had trouble sleeping through the night? 

Question 3/7

In the last month, have you had the problem of waking up too early in the morning?

Question 4/7

How satisfied are you with your current sleep situation?

Question 5/7

To what extent do your sleep problems interfere with your daily functioning (e.g.: daytime sleepiness, concentration, mood)? 

Question 6/7

To what extent do people around you notice your sleep problem?

Question 7/7

How worried or distressed are you about your current sleep problem?


Your Sleep quality is

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Why good sleep is so important

Humans spend about a third of their lives asleep: this is when the body fills up with the strength and rest it needs for a healthy life.

Immune system

Sufficient sleep supports the body's against pathogens. This is the best medicine.

Cardio-vascular system

Good sleep reduces the risk of developing high blood pressure or heart problems.


People who sleep well have a lower risk of being obese and developing type II diabetes.

Cognitive performance

People who sleep well at night feel more alert and efficient during the day.

Mental strength

People who sleep well feel more alert and productive during the day.

Social interaction

Being rested also means having more energy for hobbies and friends.

Highly accurate sleep analysis and effective training: How the sleep lab for home works and the approach behind it.

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How Nukkuaa works

High-precision sleep analysis

This has never been achieved before: Nukkuaa’s scientists have developed an algorithm that can analyze sleep only by analyzing your heartbeat. Results are almost as precise as in a clinical sleep lab. It's simple:

  • In the evening, put on Polar H10 chest sensor, pair it with the app and click "Go to sleep".
  • In the morning, click on "Wake up" and check the overview of all relevant sleep data. Under "Statistics" you will find the sleep analyses of the past seven days.
  • Report how you feel about your sleep in a sleep diary.
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Personal sleep training

In the sleep training, information, tips and exercises help you to improve your sleep across several levels. The training is based on the latest scientific findings. Even small changes in behavior can make a great impact. This is what you can expect:

  • Short videos with helpful knowledge about healthy sleep
  • Audio relaxation exercises for inner balance
  • A chat bot helping you to optimize your sleep behavior
  • Sleeptips
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Sleep tips from the pros

Find sleep tips as well as news and trends on the topic of sleep in your inbox.

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Download Nukkuaa

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